Friday, February 13, 2009

Arkansas Style Reforms on Hold?

Just posted at the Tulsa World, "workers comp bill has slim chance of committee hearing." This refers to the bill authored by Rep. Mark McCullough to make wholesale changes to the Oklahoma workers' compensation system.

According to Rep. Dan Sullivan, R-Tulsa, chairman of the House Economic Development Committee, where House Bill 2166 has been assigned, "We are certainly looking at making changes to the work comp system, but not a wholesale change this year. No final decision has been made, but it is unlikely."


  1. I am concerned about reform,as it is always a give and take in Oklahoma. But I wonder if the creators of our law ever give a thought to how difficult it is to administer the law. The adjusters must learn each reform, how to apply it, and make it work, like it should. Remember stacking? What a mess! It would behoove our legislature to ask those who deal with this daily, the adjusters, what changes should be made, and what they think of the intended measure. The opinions will be different than those of the attorneys, claimant or respondent. William Feather said it best. "Men do their hardest work, at the bottom of the ladder, not the top."

  2. I totally agree. Frontline adjusters are the forgotten people in this debate. Along with their bosses the insurance companies.