Monday, March 2, 2009

Medical Scanning Problems

Today's New York Times runs an article on medical imaging, Regardless of Quality, Medical Scans Cost the Same. You will hear yourself saying, "yeh, I thought so."

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  1. This makes me mad Tom! We pay good money, whether for Work Comp or through our group health and co pays, for quality health care. Could greed enter into the sale of these machines? There was a time we had new MRI places cropping up on every corner, with new expensive equipment, and each with a marketing scheme to match. The radiologist makes a huge difference in quality, and we have some very good ones in Oklahoma. It's when they email the films to someone on India and we get a canned result back via email, that makes me mad. I have a saying "I have to do my job right, and so do you!" I'm required to do the right thing, to be technologically savvy, to be in the know with law and medicine, and to be moral in every decision I make. What would happen if the doctors out and out told us which MRI facilities were outstanding? Competition drives that market.