Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Medicare Matters, Part II

When dealing with injury claims, what you think you know about Medicare issues is probably economically riskier than what you don't know.

In the latest of their series on the impact of Medicare on injury claims, Stephanie Stacy and Jill Schroeder, members of the Baylor Evnen law firm in Lincoln, Nebraska, discuss the persistent myths surrounding Medicare's right to recover conditional payments from the proceeds of personal injury and workers' compensation recoveries.

Congress has given Medicare sweeping authority to recover their payment of past and future medical costs from a Medicare beneficiary's settlement proceeds. If Medicare determines that its interest has been circumvented, no one is safe. The beneficiary, his lawyer, and the insurance company will each be accountable for the reimbursable amounts.

The article discusses Medicare myths that have developed as frustrated lawyers struggled to find effective strategies for settling injury claims involving Medicare and looked for efficient workarounds to avoid the lengthy delays inherent in the MSP bureaucracy.

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