Thursday, December 3, 2009

CompSource Privatization

The Task Force on the Privatization of CompSource Oklahoma has published its final report. It is 303 pages long, so I just printed the first 42 pages of recommendations and comments from its members. Interesting reading to say the least.

As always I have my opinions, but I won't express them this time.  .  .  .  .okay, how about just one.  .  .  ."oh, that we could all be as professional, responsive and cost-effective as CompSource."


  1. What would probably help more than anything is to require in state handling of all WC claims. Alot of adjusters located in other states handle multiple states therefore they have different ideas on what they can do or not do and tend not to be as efficient. They can sometimes confuse one state with the other. From experience, it is difficult to handle more than one state therefore it affected the efficiency of the handling of my claims. If you don't know, you most of the time will put it off and work on something that you do know. It would create a competive market for adjusters here in the state pushing for more experienced adjusters. It would also create more jobs and businesses.

  2. As a medical case management nurse I couldn't agree with the above statement more. I have worked with in state adjusters and out of state adjusters and I can tell you that the adjusters that are in Oklahoma know the physicians, know the nurses, know the system. The out of state adjusters won't return phone calls, don't know the physicians and could care less about doing anything in a timely manner. I have been a case manager for almost twenty years in Oklahoma and have found the in state adjusters to be very knowledgeable and much easier to work with vs. the out of state adjusters.