Monday, November 8, 2010

IME Report Writing

In Oklahoma workers' compensation reports from independent medical examiners are prepared by physicians who are either court-appointed or hired by one of the parties. The rules for drafting a competent report that will not only be admissible in Court, but also be credible on the issues to be decided, are at first glance hazy and ill-defined.

Former Judge Mary Black has cut through the fog with a report that she presented at the 2009 Court Educational Conference. While she gave the program at a breakout session, most of the non-medical attendees were listening to another speaker; and attorneys and claim handlers may have missed her speech.

The paper, IME Reports - Writing for Physicians, has been posted on my website. It is the best explanation of the myriad rules and pitfalls of report writing. Worth reading by those who write reports and by those who study and interpret them.

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