Monday, October 13, 2008

Workers' Compensation Benefits Overview

Sharing information is the principal purpose of this blog and my website. The system will operate more efficiently if we all have access to the same knowledge base. The Court has two staff attorneys who research legal questions posed by the judges and administration. From time to time I will post their work when it has general usefulness to those who make benefits decisions.

Recently, Tish Sommer, special counsel to the Workers' Compensation Court, authored an overview of  monetary benefits available to injured workers. It covers temporary and permanent compensation, permanent total disability, combined disabilities and vocational rehabilitation. It is an excellent synopsis that includes basic answers to commencing and terminating temporary total disability, medical evidence and rating of permanent impairment.


  1. I feel this is a very helpful overview that has been created and appreciate your posting it.

  2. How far back in your medical records can the W/C insurance company's attorney go?