Monday, February 9, 2009

Consequences for Oklahoma of National Trends

U. S. Representative Joe Baca from California has introduced a bill to revive the National Commission on State Workers' Compensation Laws. Its report was issued in 1972, and called for changes to provide a uniform system of benefits administered by the states. I guess he's asking whether the delivery system is working after 37 years of changes.

Not much support so far (he is the sole author/sponsor of the bill), but who knows what this will lead to.

An issue that affects Oklahoma's system more significantly is the impact of  "universal health care." Congress will probably adopt a program that will increase the number of covered workers. National health care in any form will reduce medical and lost time costs and expedite return of workers to gainful employment.

Largely due to second guessing of the treating physicians, medical care for injured workers is delayed far longer than care for private insurance patients. Immediate delivery of treatment will result in substantial cost savings.

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