Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crosswalk and Disposition Tables

The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Act is repealed, and the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Code is adopted. Most of the old provisions have been retained, but the numbering is new and the subsections have been shuffled. For example §3 (Definitions) of the Act is now §308 of the Code.

Tish Sommer, Special Counsel of the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court, alleviated this chaos by creating crosswalk and disposition tables that permit a quick, painless transition from the Code to the Act and from the Act to the Code.

The crosswalk table lists every section and subsection of the Code and points to its old location in the Act. The disposition table lists each provision of the old Act and points to its new location in the Code.

For those who are regular users of my website, the tables will be conveniently listed in the sidebar.

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